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Welcome to USCA's Canoe News on the Web featuring the Worldwide Paddling Event Calendar.

Canoe News is the member magazine for United States Canoe Association.

These Canoe News pages feature the unique Worldwide Paddling Event Calendar (canoe races and kayak races and other paddle-related events), general and USCA-specific paddling news, archives, and guidance to contributors and advertisers for the print edition of Canoe News.

Special Notices

Canoe News launches its new Online Articles page. Click here to see flip-book articles on the 2010 Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race and a suite of articles by Kevin Carr and Jan Whitaker on adaptive paddling. Plus check out the course times for the 2010 USCA Nationals the entire issue from 2006 for the results of the previous Peshtigo 2006 USCA Nationals.

What's all here for you!

  1.   The Worldwide Paddling Event Calendar.
  Racers: canoe race & kayak race schedule.
  Recreational paddlers: cruising and camping trips.
  Good souls: river cleanups & other events.
  All paddlers: trade shows, symposia, clinics ... & more!
  Event organizers: alert paddlers to your event!

  2.   Current information about USCA events.
  Get key information from Canoe News about USCA’s National Championships and
  Barton Challenge.

  3.   An archive of Canoe News articles.
  An extensive selection of articles from Canoe News (from 1968 on) will ultimately
  be accessible - a long term project.

  4.   Guidelines for contributors to Canoe News (news announcements,
  articles, and photographs).
  Learn how to contribute to Canoe News.

  5.   Sponsoring Canoe News in print and on line.
  Sponsoring Canoe News in print and on line is a worthwhile way to show your
  support for paddling — to paddlers!

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Featured Pages
USCA Aluminum Canoe Specifications
Relevant extracts from USCA's Competition Rules relating to specifications for Aluminum Canoes at the USCA National Stock Aluminum Canoe Marathon Championships.
Results for USCA Nationals from 2002 to the most recent Nationals.
USCA Nationals Age Class Definitions
USCA age class definitions: age for adults is as of race day; for youth, age at midnight, the previous December 31.
Worldwide Event Calendar
The Canoe News Worldwide Event Calendar lists paddling related events all around the world.
Search for Events by Region
Search for events by region. You can compare what events are where on specific dates.
Add Your Event
Add your event to the Canoe News Worldwide Event Calendar.
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